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Rose at 20.

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A Letter Worth Sharing

Audrey Walters from Kansas wrote to us to explain her donation. It seems
her Grandmother, Rose Walters, had died recently and Audrey found her
collection of yarn. She wanted to see this yarn put to good use. I am
pleased to say we have used the yarn she sent to make many hats and scarves
which will be given to the Homeless at the St. Xavier's Soup Kitchen this
Christmas. I am sure Rose is smiling down at her Granddaughter, Audrey, for her kindness.

Audrey's Memories of her Grandmother:

Rose Walters
April 15, 1915 - April 9, 2001

My grandmother, Rose Walter, died just one week shy of her 86th birthday.
She was married to my grandfather for 70 years and raised five children.
Grandma's health failed the last years of her life. When I last saw her,
she was thin and frail. I prefer to remember her as she was years ago. I
remember a round and soft woman with fine, white hair. She wore slacks and
casual blouses with slip-on sneaker-like shoes. Always those shoes.
I remember Grandma sitting in her rocking easychair. She would sit with one
foot flexed and her arms resting on the arms of the chair. She had a habit
of running her thumb over the tip of her fingers. Grandma would sit like
this during family get-togethers. She had a memory for details and loved to
tell stories. Some of my warmest memories are of those times when Grandma
regaled us with tales of my father's and aunts'‚childhood antics.
Grandma loved to crochet and her specialty was afghans. She crocheted
afghans for each of her five children and their spouses. Grandchildren,
great grandchildren and many friends also received her afghans.
After Grandma died, I knew that she left a large stash of yarn behind. I
hated the thought of all that yarn being thrown away. I wanted it to be
given to someone who shared Grandma's love of crochet. The yarn will be
divided amongst five charities, each with its own purpose. I think Grandma
would approve.


Heaven For The Homeless
John F. Montgomery

Is there a Heaven for the homeless
When we leave this earth below?
When our time on earth is over,
Will we have a place to go?

It's hell enough here below,
Living on what others give;
If God gives us a home in Heaven,
Then we'll have a place to live.

I can almost see us now,
Gathered there around God's throne;
Feeling very proud of ourselves,
Because we finally have a home.

What about all the others,
Who call us a bum
Laughing at us behind our backs,
And always making fun.

Isn't it true we're all the same,
In the eyes of God?
Then, you'd better be careful, friend,
Of the path you trod.

Think about those things you say,
And of the things you do,
Or you might find on Judgement Day,
That you are homeless too.

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Reflections of a Gift Giver

Packages arrive from everywhere
Boxes start filling
Crocheters work furiously to make more
Helpers gather to begin the wrapping
Christmas Eve arrives, brisk and cold
Counting is finished
Hundreds of wrapped gifts are bagged

The Soup Kitchen workers extend welcomes
The room fills with sounds
Clattering dishes and soft conversation
Bellies are temporarily filled

Filing past, surprised faces emerge
Hands gratefully accept the givers gifts
"May I exchange a hat for a scarf,
As I already have a hat you see?" She says
"Can I have an extra gift for Emily who's home?" He asks
Two little girls quietly whisper
"Please give us a gift for our Mother."
Givers hands scramble to give more

The flow of extended hands continue
"Are there any more gloves?"
Never enough at the end of the day

Smiling faces peak out from necks wrapped in warm scarves
Blankets and afghans warm a few beds
Hats cover so many heads

Givers gather
Plans for the next year begin
"What about sleeping bags, more socks?"
Hearts are full
The giving continues


Christmas Eve After the Giving

A light snow is falling
Twinkling lights appear
Dusk creaps in bringing the unwelcome cold
Huddled under boxes
Wrapped in a warm, hand-made scarf and hat
A bit of weiriness fades from a solitary face
The extended gift-giving hand is remembered
Is there still kindness in this harsh world?
A slight smile appears
A warmed soul feels


Busy Fingers

Crocheters & knitters united
One purpose
Givers of time and yarn
Needles flying
Creating warmth for those less fortunate
Helping the homeless

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